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About Us

About Us

Affiance World’s panel of expert advisors has served as the think tank to leading direct selling companies worldwide for the past 10 years. Their valuable advisory is what has led to more than 40 million people over the globe shaping their own path to success.

Affiance World offers humongous small and large-scale opportunities for growth and development with the support of a corporation that has handcrafted the business models of world-renowned referral marketing companies. Affiance World is the only referral marketer that is financially stable, is a certified strategist and has been in the research and development business for over 10 years. Affiance World aims to become a global community, operating in more than 15 countries and territories, ready and well capable to offer unmatched support and a compensation plan that will induce people to grow their earnings exponentially.

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Affiance World provides superior quality products to meet market needs in real time. Forget all those products that you bought because someone convinced you that you need it. With Affiance world’s microscopic analysis of actual consumer needs and multi-trade committed to giving you optimum benefits, facilities, lifestyle & products that are actually useful. At Affiance World, all the members receive extended support and enjoy world-class conveniences like herbal arenas, lounges, multi-purpose training facilities, allowing expertise sharing, mutual learning and skill transfer.

Trusted To Care, To Nurture & To Lead
Since its establishment in 2008, Affiance World’s vision has always been “Helping You Work To Live Life To The Fullest”. At Affiance World, our foundation is based on trust and nurturing people and building various aspects of their lives, including health, personal development, confidence, financial well-being, careers and families. In turn, Affiance World's Members have gone on to share the opportunity in a meaningful way.
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