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Working with Affiance World will be a wonderful experience and there are some reasons why you should choose to work with us:

These are features you will never find in any other direct selling venture!

Your ID will never freeze: At Affiance World we provide security to our representatives that their IDs will never be wiped out if you don't continue to work with us.

Your ID can't be transferred: The sales ID that you will be using will not be transferred to anyone else that means your account details are safe and nobody can take credit for that.

Referral to any depth, remain same: Generally, companies provide a decreasing percentage of referral rewards to their employees but we will provide a fixed percentage of referral income till any depth.

Automatic Reactivation: This means that if your account was inactive for a long time and suddenly you realise that you want to continue the work, you just simply have to log in and your ID will be activated automatically.

Affiance World will be working with the following sectors: Lifecare, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Environmental Projects and FMCC.

Currently, they are working on herbal products that made up of natural ingredients and don't have any side-effects. Some of our best products are Addiction Killer, Slim n Trim, Madhu Amrit, Dr Piles, Nari Jeevan Jyoti, etc.

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